Kevorkian Death Cycle Live in SL,UT 1998-11-08

I created a Lousy Sauce YouTube channel specifically for a few of these videos. Maybe we’ll add more going forward.

From my notes on the YouTube upload:

This was recorded with permission. At this show Metropolis (Brian??) gave the approval as well. I was going to send them a copy and then I didn’t for some reason. I was always in trouble for something back then, who knows? As I recall this was the first and last time I recorded a show at Area 51. Special thanks to the club, label, and the band for saying yes. Even though the end result is barely worth watching.

Video camera was a few years old at the time, keep in mind circa 1995-96 home cameras in the mid-range were just getting color view-finders, even then they weren’t great. Considering how much of a poorfag I was back then, I’m thankful I had a camcorder at all. The 8mm tapes haven’t survived well, and the audio is the most obvious area for this. Unfortunately these were transferred to VHS in 2004 and a few years later to the computer. I believe the original tapes are long gone.

Kevorkian Death Cycle: Live in Salt Lake City 1998-11-08 @ Area 51

This show would have been the opening act for Front Line Assembly; a backdrop for FLA can be seen in this video.

FLA with KDC 19981108


Ryan at Area 51 1998-10-27

Prior to this show I’d seen them at Area 51, and would again the following year. I have a few photos from each show but can’t be bothered to search for them all now. The official website would wind up being lost and held by a cybersquatter and so I setup (which itself has transferred cybersquatter’s hands a few times. It was a bad time to do so as it would be a long long time before KDC would release new material. The WayBackMachine didn’t save images so you can’t see anything from the site.

KDC 1998-1999


Micronation: Zaqistan [unrecognized]

Welcome to Zaqistan, located in Box Elder County, Utah

Zaqistan History


New York man creates ‘sovereign nation’ in Box Elder County KSL Broadcasting Salt Lake City UT 2015-10-19

Zaqistan State Dept. Twitter

Republic of Zaqistan

Welcome to Zaqistan! New Yorker declares himself president of ‘new republic’ in Utah after buying four acres of land off eBay (but only 24 people have signed up to join him) 2015-10-21

Zaqistan Passport Application [pdf]

Utah Lawmakers Continue To Try To Choke NSA Out

Utah lawmaker wants to shut off NSA’s water supply for good
Bill bans aid between any “federal agency that collects electronic data,” state.

On a side note, the end of the article mentions a Mormon* fundamentalist group:

Bluffdale itself is a small city of 8,000 people, and it’s also the headquarters of the Apostolic United Brethren, a Mormon fundamentalist group.

I’ve lived twenty minutes from Bluffdale the past decade and this is the first I’ve heard of them.

* The ‘Mormon’ fundamentalist groups tend to be akin to what Scientology is to Science.