Not More Nachtmahr

Mädchen In Uniform is a 1931 black and white German film. It is also a 2010 release from the EBM band Nachtmahr.

The music is standard fair darkwave danceable but, like the movie, it is in German. I don’t understand enough German to listen to this with any concentration.

On the topic of not understanding enough German. While on a work trip I once ordered some sausage in a German owned German cafe. What I was given was Cheese. Because I was out of time and a little embarrassed I’d managed to make such a strange blunder (I literally asked for sausage), I took it without protest.

While my cheese was decent, quite soft at room temperature, it was indeed cheese. What I’d ordered was meat, what I got was cheese, there was no mistaking what it was.

Nachtmahr uses a lot of imagery more attributed to goth deathrock bands circa 1992 Propaganda Magazine photo spreads. On their website bio page they quote a magazine about themselves as being an “Industrial orgy” using words like “excess” and “wild” to describe them but using words like “moderation” and “mercy” as things they don’t know.

But this is clearly just techno*

Yes, Wiki agrees, this is industrial flavored techno. So while this is labeled as Industrial or EBM in magazines and reviews, take it with a grain of Ambien. If you lower your expectations from meat to cheese, you’ll still enjoy it.

I sometimes find songs about the Titanic hilarious, however I won’t bother translating this.

* Not that I don’t like industrial techno, or cheese.


Review: 13th Monkey – Redefining The Paradigm Of Bang [2009]

This is the opening song Aktrus that I pronounce like actress in my head.

This was listed as rhythmic-noise and in another genre. I think of rhythmic-noise when I listen to bands like Male or Female or Mlada Fronta, this is just techno. While it is ok, for what it is, it will never be more than background noise for me. Expect no lyrics, just changing sounds and an ever present throbbing beat.

You can find the album on sites like for easy access to listen to much of their music.

This is the last track A500, which is not the best song on the album either, but I was too lazy to search more. Also, I still have non videos on YouTube.

For the record, this is being removed from my media server.



Friday Night Video LIV


I believe there may have been television commercials for MARS-FM using this song, but I could be remembering that incorrectly.

I do remember having a conversation with a friend of mine regarding MARS-FM that went something like:

Him: Hey, this new station.  MARS.  Have you listened to it?

Me: No.  What do they play?

Him: I don’t know.  It’s… weird.

Friday Night Video V

This one brings back memories of 1994.  There was a cable channel called The Box, which was basically a video jukebox; you could call, punch in some numbers, and request a song for $.25, but anyone could watch the channel for free.  This was one of the videos in heavy rotation.  It makes me think of those times when life was complete shit, but with enough alcohol, friends, and psychedelic drugs I could briefly trick myself into believing all was right with the world.