New IT Word

In the changing world of IT it can be difficult to keep up with the language of your fellow engineers. Today’s word is:
Configguhr verb
con·figg·uhr [kuhn-fig-uhr] con·figg·uhrd, con·figg·uhr·een, con·figg·uhr·ay·shun

1. to arrange or organize
2. computer engineering, computer use, to set up (hardware or software)

Please to be helping with my Internets

This was sent to a public mailing list I am on.  Back when I was doing front line tech support I would often receive calls or process tickets like this.

Subject: any sites about interent networkissue



Yesterday I have internet nework issue.  I checked our interent
providers but their answers are fine

But the traceroute can’t reach to some desintations. eg: gogle
and stopped somewhere

Any websites can provide about network issue

Thank you