Weird Kids

We have a couple of weird kids in the neighborhood.

They are brother and sister.   Boy is maybe 7, girl is maybe 5.  I believe they may be homeschooled, as they are often running around the neighborhood during what would normally be considered “school hours”, and they seem to lack some social skills.  I have no idea where they actually live or who their parents are.

I first noticed them on Halloween.  My family and I dressed up in our Star Wars costumes and were taking some family pictures on the front lawn in the late afternoon while it was still light.  These children came up to us – without costumes, but carrying paper shopping bags, and, as mentioned, before nightfall – and demanded candy of us via the traditional ‘trick or treat’ method.  They then proceeded to hang around and talk to us, play with our lightsabers, and be generally oblivious to our cues that it was time for them to go away so that we could finish our photos and proceed with our own trick-or-treating.

A few weeks later, in late November or perhaps early December, they knocked on my door while I was working from home.  I answered the door, expecting that perhaps I had dropped something while walking around the neighborhood and they had found and were returning the item.  Instead, they wanted me to put on my Jedi outfit, bring out the toy lightsabers, and play with them.  I dismissed them at once, telling them that I was busy and they should go away.

Yesterday afternoon, while working at home, someone knocked on the door.  I ignored it.  The person knocked again.  And again.  And again.  My thought was, “it’s those fucking kids again,” however I was unable to confirm as I cannot see the front porch from my upstairs office.  The knocking – pounding, really – continued for about 10 minutes.  Finally it ended, and I heard the perpetrators leaving the front porch, so I looked out the office window and, sure enough, it was the annoying kids.

Finally, a few minutes ago, I was pushing my youngest spawn around the neighborhood in his stroller.  I encountered the weird kids walking down the sidewalk.  They didn’t comprehend that they needed to get the fuck out of my way.  The boy just stopped walking and stood there in front of the stroller, said hi, said “hi baby” to my child, and continued to just stand there blocking the way until I turned the stroller and went around him.

Liking Things is Like Being a Machine

Warhol: Someone said that Brecht wanted everybody to think alike. I want everybody to think alike. But Brecht wanted to do it through Communism, in a way. Russia is doing it under government. It’s happening here all by itself without being under a strict government; so if it’s working without trying, why can’t it work without being Communist? Everybody looks alike and acts alike, and we’re getting more and more that way.
I think everybody should be a machine. I think everybody should like everybody.

Art News: Is that what Pop Art is all about?

Warhol: Yes. It’s liking things.

Art News: And liking things is like being a machine?

Warhol: Yes, because you do the same thing every time. You do it over and over again.

From a 1963 interview in Art News. Source.

Friday Night Video CXIV

So there’s this restaurant near us that we went to once when it first opened several years ago and it sucked so we never went back but we keep hearing people talk about how great it is so tonight we finally went back and it still sucks.  The moral of this story is that people suck and have lousy taste and do not listen to them.

Video related: people should be replaced with robots.

drop dead, you heteropatriarchal dolphinkin-hypersexualizing, cis-elitist ageist!!!

hi, i’m princexradfem!
19 / paraqueer / gay rights separatist / intersectional equalist / freedom fighter
  • i am fighting for diversity & furry rights.
  • please don’t talk to me about thin opinions, white womyn rights & cisgender culture, it’s incredibly triggering to me.
  • my pronuns are jee/jem/jeir or hu/hum/hus.
  • i am fighting against able-body kyriarchy & hetero privileges.
  • fighting hetero opinions / fighting non-ethnic entitlement / fighting uterus-bearer superiority

* Social Justice Warrior, not St. John’s Wort

This Post is NSFW

I recently entered a needle and ink shop with an acquaintance whom had an appointment.

I took photos.webedit

I didn’t recognize the piercer but she knew me from high school. She was overjoyed to tell us how she tried to convince her sister, recently, to name her child after a bad-ass she knew in high school: Me. Her words. It slowly came back.

My acquaintance asked a few questions about my teen years. The piercer delighted in talking about me, like I was her favorite band or comfort food. She also said things in a way that convinced me she has indulged in the idea of me in recent years.

As we left, she introduced me to her husband.

Bed Jumping Mafia

So the real story is, this actually began as a social engineering hack.  Some genius – I believe it was Flea, but may have been DB Cooper – realized that if you had a bunch of cute girls with you, the Defcon nerds would let you into their rooms, where you would be free to consume their alcohol as they watched the girls jumping on the bed.

What I did on my summer vacation

AKA interesting moments during my weekend trip to Portland which, coincidentally, turned out to be in the middle of Portland Beer Week.

Thursday night: at one point stopped at a New Belgium beer event at an indoor bike park, filled with kids riding BMX bikes on ramps and underage drinkers in the bar.

Key quotes:  “Are you guys here to party or ride bikes?” – Girl at the front counter; “I’m going to slit my wrists” – Representative from New Belgium.

Friday night: ended up at Dean’s Scene, Dean being some old hippie who decided to build a bar in his basement and give homebrewed beer to anyone who shows up.

Key quote: “What the fuck was in that root beer?” – One of my friends the next day.

Saturday: kind of a clusterfuck of a day, involving a horrible fruit beer festival, a stop at Union Jack’s*, and three people (one of them naked) commenting on my Pigface shirt.

Key quote: “Did you see that skeleton girl? I felt like giving her money just so she could buy a sandwich.” – Me.

Sunday: Nothing.  Just drinking, barbecuing, and watching F1 racing.

Key quote: “One of the Caterham guys should just crash into Vettel when he tries to lap him.”  – One of my other friends.

And now, not only back to work, but I’m on call until next Tuesday.  Fuck.

* no link because fuck you autoplay.