Friday Night Video LXXXV

Happy Steak and Blowjob Day.

Got a job offer and handed in my resignation yesterday.

Salary negotiation was shockingly easy.  The last time I tried negotiating a higher salary was around 2006ish, when I interviewed for a position at a local cable company.  The offer came in, I asked for more, and they basically said, “Okay, well, the job doesn’t pay that much, so nevermind.”  Which is odd, because I was friends with the guy I was replacing, and I knew he made more than I had asked for.

Anyways, this time they made an offer (~3% more than I’m making now), I made a counter-offer (~20% more than I’m making now, plus an extra week vacation), they said okay, and here we are.

They do drug testing for this job, so today I had to give a woman a container of my urine, which someone will now do science on.

To celebrate all of this, I’ll be taking my wife out for steak tonight.