What I did on my summer vacation

AKA interesting moments during my weekend trip to Portland which, coincidentally, turned out to be in the middle of Portland Beer Week.

Thursday night: at one point stopped at a New Belgium beer event at an indoor bike park, filled with kids riding BMX bikes on ramps and underage drinkers in the bar.

Key quotes:  “Are you guys here to party or ride bikes?” – Girl at the front counter; “I’m going to slit my wrists” – Representative from New Belgium.

Friday night: ended up at Dean’s Scene, Dean being some old hippie who decided to build a bar in his basement and give homebrewed beer to anyone who shows up.

Key quote: “What the fuck was in that root beer?” – One of my friends the next day.

Saturday: kind of a clusterfuck of a day, involving a horrible fruit beer festival, a stop at Union Jack’s*, and three people (one of them naked) commenting on my Pigface shirt.

Key quote: “Did you see that skeleton girl? I felt like giving her money just so she could buy a sandwich.” – Me.

Sunday: Nothing.  Just drinking, barbecuing, and watching F1 racing.

Key quote: “One of the Caterham guys should just crash into Vettel when he tries to lap him.”  – One of my other friends.

And now, not only back to work, but I’m on call until next Tuesday.  Fuck.

* no link because fuck you autoplay.