Celebrity Deathwatch 2015 #0213-0217

Robert Loggia, 85, actor who usually played mobsters.

Fucks given: 3

Tibor Rubin, 86, Medal of Honor winner; Holocaust survivor who joined the US Army and fought in Korea.   Quick version: His sergeant was an anti-semite who sent him on dangerous missions hoping he would be killed, instead he kicked the shit out of everyone.  Two officers told the Sergeant to do the paperwork to get him a Medal of Honor, but the Sergeant ignored them and the officers were KIA.  Then Tibor was captured, spent a couple years in a Chinese POW camp, used to sneak out at night and steal food from the Chinese/NorK supply depots and bring it back for the other prisoners.  Finally received the MoH in 2005.

Fucks given: 10

Chuck Williams, 100, founder of Williams-Sonoma.

Fucks Given: Williams-Sonoma kind of annoys me, because they make me think of this insane office manager I used to work for at my first job who always called it “Williams of Sonoma”.

Nicholas Smith, 81, last surviving member of the main cast of Are You Being Served?

Fucks given: I’ve seen a few episodes of Are You Being Served? here and there, but was never really into it.  Kind of surprising that everyone from the show is dead.

Martin E. Brooks, 90, Dr. Rudy Wells on The Six Million Dollar Man.

Fucks Given: I don’t really remember the show, but I did have the Steve Austin doll with the bionic eye when I was a kid.


Celebrity Deathwatch 2015 #0176-0178

Frank Albanese, 84, actor, played “Uncle Pat” on The Sopranos and played a mobster in some other movies as well.

Fucks given: .5

Koopsta Knicca, 40, member of Three 6 Mafia

Fucks given: 0, I have no idea who this is.

Steve Mackay, 66, saxophonist for The Stooges

Fucks given: 1