Portland’s First Strip Club Haunted House

The concept is “The Seven Deadly Strip Club Sins.” For people who aren’t too familiar with the rules or the etiquette for being in a strip club, this will be an educational, collaborative type of experience where you get to learn what not to do at the strip club.

Note, they forgot “don’t grab salad bar items with your bare hands, always use tongs”.

Jewish chicken-slaughter ritual gets OK from judge

Kaporos ritual in Borough Park Brooklyn. 14th and 50th street.   An orthodox Jewish man flips the bird at activist Rina Deych as she films him performing a ritual called Kaporos. Jews slaughter chickens for the Yom Kippur holiday. (Photo by Geralyn Shukwit)


Kaporos is on!

The purpose of this act is to transfer the practitioner’s sins to the birds. After swinging the bird, the adherents slit the chickens’ throats with a sharp knife. The meat is then donated to the poor

Of course, PETAfags gonna PETAfag:

“I’m beside myself right now,’’ she said. “I’m devastated because this is an egregious event with respect to public-health issues, quality-of-life issues and animal-cruelty issues.

“To be forced to endure opening up your front door annually to a mass animal slaughter is just dumbfounding.”

PS: Fuck PETA.