Recent Activities


Saw the new Star Wars movie.  In 3D.  Drank while watching it.  Enjoyed it.

Rode on one of the boats in the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade.  It was raining part of the time.  This was much less exciting than it sounds.

Woke up in the middle of the night with my sinuses on fire.

Helped Mrs. Kapital’s grandfather move from her aunt and uncle’s apartment to a shared apartment in the local retirement village.  Not a lot of stuff to move, but did have to deal with the family drama from all sides.  His new roommate has a shiba inu.

Sinus issues continued to progress.  Began taking medication.

More work.  A minor project that I should have been involved with for about 4 hours, 2 months ago, has turned into a raging continuous shitstorm due to vendor dumbassery and now has “executive attention” from all sides.

More sinus issues.  More medication.  Finally progressed from sinus medication to cough medication, which is good because I have some prescription cough syrup with codeine that is quite lovely.

Just spent 2 hours wrapping presents.

Will try not to flake on Friday Night Video tomorrow.