Review: !Bang Elektronika – Attica [ep]

I’m not able to find the actual release year of this CDR from !Bang Elektronika; something I’m a little notorious for, is organizing chronologically. So, automatically this release receives -1 star, if I rated with stars. Based on the general sound and inclusion of Aktivierung!, I’d assume it came out in the mid-90’s.

On their MySpace page they include IDM in their genres, but it isn’t present here. This is 1990’s EBM and belongs on a darkwave podcast. I don’t want to be mean, I enjoy this release, but it is overall forgettable. I’d suggest you’d enjoy this release if you liked the Van Richter bands: Plastic Noise Experience, Girls Under Glass, and The Fair Sex.

1. TV Set (live version not included on release)

2. Grossstadt Melodie (Großstadtmelodie)

3. Aktivierung! (probably there most well known song)

4. Metropolis
5. Flasche In Der Hand

Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

In case you have been lucky enough to avoid mass/popular culture for the past few months, Fifty Shades of Grey is the recent bestseller commonly referred to as “mom porn” and a favorite of suburban housewives everywhere.

Saturday Night Live – Fifty Shades of Grey by BigBlueBruiser

The book began as a work of Twilight slash fiction; with a few changes – names, s/vampire/billionaire S&M enthusiast/g, s/high school student/college student/g, etc. – it has blossomed into a standalone book (trilogy, actually).

Now, on to the review.

I knew going in that this would be bad, however it is worse than I expected.

First, the writing is horribly amateur.  Lots of “telling” rather than “showing”, and a total lack of any atmospheric details; it’s a generic setting in a couple of generic cities.  This only grates because the cities are two that I have spent quite a lot of time in, Seattle and Portland, but they come across as two city names that the author picked at random on a map, probably because Twilight took place in the Pacific Northwest.

Second, it really does read like current teen fiction.  The main character, Ana (“Anastasia”), has exactly the same traits I found annoying in Bella from Twilight and Katniss from The Hunger Games:  She is (we are told) beautiful, extremely popular (for no apparent reason) and has multiple guys romantically interested in her; yet she feels plain and alone and is completely oblivious to her own popularity.  In short, she’s a popular girl with an unpopular girl’s personality.  It’s a sad projection of a lonely fat girl’s daydreams about what it must be like to be pretty and popular while not letting the popularity change her as a person.

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually read the entire book.  Here’s as far into the storyline as I’ve gotten:

Hot virgin college student Ana goes to interview sexy billionaire Christian Grey for her friend Kate, who writes for the school paper but can’t interview him herself for some contrived reason.  [blah blah blah lots of contrived crap pushing the plot forward].  Then after she signs an NDA he takes her back to his house via helicopter and shows her his awesome bondage room. He has her sign a bunch more paperwork, then freaks out a bit when he finds out she is a virgin, but then bangs her anyways (twice!) in non-bondage style (because it’s her first time and he’s a nice guy like that).

At this point, I have no plans to read further.  I understand that it is all (or mostly) bondage-themed porn from this point forward, and I fear that reading further may put me off of BDSM.


PS: I apologize for the lack of a Friday Night Video last night; there were circumstances not under my control preventing me from being online.  Also, I’ve been averaging 4 hours of sleep a night for the last week and a half, with no more than 2 hours at a time (and more like 30-60 minutes).

Peen vs Ass

I once watched a teaser for an upcoming movie which centered on introducing the filmmaker. It took place in what looked like a bedroom for a hardcore teenage fan of the Aliens movie series. He was being glorified for how well he knew the series, the stories, the tie-ins, the sexual arousal zones of the alien, the back-story, Giger’s fetishes, James Cameron’s poop schedule, and all around alienophite.

Then I watch his movie. Aliens vs Predator, and I can’t help but think it was really akin to the TV movie of the entire fucking franchise. How does this crap get through the previewing audience and then made into a movie? Wouldn’t, at least, his friends say, whoa, ya’ll got a prettuh’ dumb idear theyre mate? How do you rub a director’s nose in his inappropriate shitpile?






Maybe woo his wife away from him.

I am so goddamned hungry right now*

I just finished reading (by which I mean, listening to the audiobooks of) all three books in the Hunger Games series.  Quick review:

Book 1: Decent enough.
Book 2: Too much sappy love triangle shit in the first half, then gets better.
Book 3: The fuck?

A specific complaint about the first book:  Why are there no volunteers from the poor districts, only from the rich districts?  Given that the victors are rewarded with a lifetime supply of cash money, I would expect this to be at least a somewhat attractive option to the poor.  Also, since kids can put their names in the drawing extra times to get extra rations for their family, a couple of volunteers from the poor district can make this a risk-free way for most people in the community to get more supplies.  Yes, it’s stated that training for the games is forbidden, however the second book makes it plain that security in District 12 is pretty lax.  So, train a few kids for the games, have them volunteer, have everyone else put in for extra rations.  More food for everyone, plus a better chance of the kids surviving, since you’re not just sending untrained conscripts off to die.


* because I’m sort of on a diet, and today is my “no-carb” day.