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Went to the Skinny Puppy / Front Line Assembly / Haujobb / Youth Code show last night.  Thanks to the miracle of modern technology I have an enormous number of extremely blurry pictures of the proceedings.  These are of Skinny Puppy.

The show was good.  The venue was weird.  Even though there was no assigned seating there were separate tickets for the lower (general admission) and balcony levels, and they were checking tickets at the entrances to these areas.  In the lower area, they admitted a limited number of people to the “pit” area via wristbands, so only people who arrived early could get close to the stage.  There was also a bar/restaurant attached to but technically separate from the venue where beer was $2 cheaper per cup (although still expensive).

Meanwhile at home, my sister-in-law’s visit continues.  Last night someone suggested going out for Chinese food, leading to over an hour of screaming which nearly escalated to fisticuffs before they finally calmed down and ordered pizza.

Another Facebook Discovery

Today on the face-books I stumbled across an old girlfriend girl I used to smoke pot and hook up with from time to time in High School.

I haven’t initiated contact and her public profile is very limited so I am unable to say this with 100% certainty, but judging from her haircut and the fact that she still has her maiden name, I suspect she may have gone lesbo.


Also, as an update to an earlier post, Serious Former Girlfriend “C” has made no contact with me whatsoever.