Celebrity Deathwatch 2016 #0050-0067

Frank Sinatra, Jr., 72, son of a famous singer and kidnapping victim.

Fucks given: 0.

Larry Drake, 67, noted that guy actor.

Fucks given: 3, I recognize him from some things, some of which were entertaining.

Joe Santos, 84, another that guy actor.

Fucks given: 3, he was definitely in some stuff.

Scabs, 41, drummer for Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13.

Fucks given: 0, never heard of him or them.

Bob Ebeling, 89, guy who said “Hey, the Space Shuttle is going to blow up.

Fucks given: 5

Phife Dawg, 45, was in A Tribe Called Quest.

Fucks given: 0, I have heard of A Tribe Called Quest but have no idea what songs they have done.

Ken Howard, 71, the coach on The White Shadow.

Fucks given: .5, I vaguely remember the show, not sure if I ever watched it, but I do remember the Saturday Night Live parody.

Antoine Demoitié, 25, bicycle racer.

Fucks given: 0, and I only mention him because I was looking for video of the crash and stumbled upon some weird news “videos” that are actually a series of still pictures with apparently a text-to-speech app reading printed news stories, which I didn’t even realize was a “thing”.

Toni Grant, 73, radio psychologist.

Fucks given: 0.

Winston Moseley, 81, murdered Kitty Genovese, the popular story of which is complete bullshit.

Fucks given: -1.

James Noble, 94, played the Governor on Benson.

Fucks given: .5

Patty Duke, 69, had her own show back in the 60s.

Fucks given: oh wow, she’s Sean Astin‘s mom.

Erik Bauersfeld, 93, voice of Admiral Ackbar.

Fucks given:

Bill Henderson, 90, jazz singer who was also in a bunch of movies and TV shows.

Fucks given: 0, I don’t recognize him.

Joe Medicine Crow, 102, Native American historian and War Chief.

Fucks given: 8

Merle Haggard, 79, country singer and former inmate of San Quentin prison.

Fucks given: 1

Blackjack Mulligan, 73, professional wrestler.

Fucks given: 0, don’t remember him.

David Gest, 62, freaky looking guy who was married to Liza Minelli.

Fucks given: 0.

Celebrity Deathwatch 2015 #0141-0144

Yvonne Craig, 78, actress who played Batgirl and a green chick on Star Trek.

Fucks given: .25

Melody Patterson, 66, actress who played Wrangler Jane on F-Troop.

Fucks given: .5 she was hot.

Side note – It’s interesting how short-lived some of these old, at least somewhat iconic TV shows were.  Turns out F-Troop was only on for 2 seasons, and Batman only ran 3 seasons.

Augusta Chiwy, 94, inspiration for Anna the Nurse in the Bastogne episode of Band of Brothers.

Fucks given: .25

Justin Wilson, 37, IndyCar driver.

Fucks given: 1

Celebrity Deathwatch 2015 #0121-0124

Alex Rocco, 79, actor who was in a bunch of stuff.

Fucks given: 0; don’t really recognize him.

George Coe, 86, actor who was in a bunch of stuff.

Fucks given: 3, because he voiced Woodhouse on Archer.  I totally do not recognize him as an “original cast member of Saturday Night Live,” as is claimed here; I suspect the show may have always had a 90-minute format, however the syndicated reruns of the ’70s episodes I watched during the ’80s were cut to 60 minutes, so perhaps he was cut out.

Bernat Martínez, 35, and Dani Rivas, 27, motorcycle racers

Fucks given: 0.

Celebrity Deathwatch 2015 #0120

Jules Bianchi, 25, Formula 1 driver for Marussia (which is now Manor), died of head injuries sustained last year at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Fucks given: 5.

I watched this race live (since it started at 11pm or midnight on Saturday night), but the crash wasn’t caught by any of the TV cameras.  Basically, it was raining and another driver skidded off the track and crashed, they put up a yellow flag and brought a crane out to move the other car, then Bianchi skidded off the track at the exact same spot and this happened:

After that he was in a coma and never regained consciousness.

Side note: Marussia last year was battling with Caterham for the position of second-worst team.  They were neck and neck until the Monaco Grand Prix, where Bianchi came in 9th* place and scored the first (and only) championship points for the team.

* actually he finished 8th, but had a 5-second penalty which dropped him to 9th.