Portland’s First Strip Club Haunted House

The concept is “The Seven Deadly Strip Club Sins.” For people who aren’t too familiar with the rules or the etiquette for being in a strip club, this will be an educational, collaborative type of experience where you get to learn what not to do at the strip club.

Note, they forgot “don’t grab salad bar items with your bare hands, always use tongs”.

Semi-confirmed Semi-celebrity Deathwatch

Stormy, age unknown to me, former Suicide Girl and naked dancer at salad bars across the Portland area.

Note, this is not 100% confirmed, I just know that a girl named/called “Stormy” who is a friend of a friend (who knows a lot of Suicide Girls) just died (or died sometime in the past and he just found out, possibly), and comparing the picture he posted to the pictures linked above I’m 95% sure it’s her.

Update: OK, saw more pictures, this is confirmed.   I saw her naked in person several times.

Keep Portland Weird

They were stuck in a traffic jam when a 6-foot-4 man dressed as an elf suddenly climbed onto their BMW, stabbed it with a sword and slashed its tires.

He later said he had bipolar disorder, had taken an assortment* of mind-altering party drugs and thought he was an elf superhero slaying a monster.

* ecstasy, LSD, DMT, marijuana, and alcohol