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The John McAfee Central America Travel Guide.

And this is the point to present them with an absurdly low offer. If you are carrying 20 keys of cocaine or a half ton of marijuana, then offer them $50. Alternatively, you could offer them a one ounce bag of the weed or a gram or so of the coke. If it’s sex slaves, tell them they can look at the bare breasts of one of the least attractive women (in parts of Southern Mexico, this might actually be sufficient).

Free App Idea

My opinion is the public outcry has been minimal with the continued use of the x-ray vans by the unethical and morally bankrupt New York City Police Department. These sort of offenses to privacy should be furious media storms like we saw with Watergate in the Nixon era. But our regular civilian concerns are short-lived and remembered only by the ghosts of democracies past.

Against court orders, the police are still refusing to release records on who, what, where, and why they are using x-rays to spy on its population. While NYPD’s counter-terrorism history predates WW2, I suspect its lack of concern for liberty is even older.

To be clear, these vans use backscatter x-ray and not harmless sonar as some have suggested. So on top of the privacy concern, mild doses is still rad. exposure being made without consent.

But never fear, there is an app for that. Actually several apps have tested and proved they can detect radiation. They’ve been said to be good for first responders, which leads me to believe they are more sensitive than the 701 meters of the Civilian Defense. Such low chamber radiation meters were used early on after the Three Mile Isle incident. A regular ol’ low chamber radiation meter lacks the Geiger–Müller tube that makes a Geiger counter, a Geiger counter. This doesn’t make them worse, they have a different application that isn’t relevant here.


From Smartphone radiation detector app tests positive

So what am I suggesting for a new app? Make one that sets off an alarm when radiation is detected. Then advertise said app to New Yorkers. Tie it in with a talk radio show as a free download and you’ve got a fun advertising tool that can now be mocked as only being needed by the paranoid. Better yet, brand it with a dystopian novel or comic book so people take it even less seriously than we already consider our human liberties to be.


Cops and Coyotes

I think my neighbors’ dog got eaten by a coyote.

I’m not 100% sure about this; there was lots of screaming and loud crying and such, and I only picked up a few words here and there.

Anyways, the screaming led to 4 police cars showing up.