No One Cares About Other People’s Dreams

But here is mine anyhow.

As a restoration project I have, in real life, a 1955 Steyr bicycle made in Austria with German rims from Puch. Last night I moved said bicycle because it was in my way. This is only important as I believe it was why I was dreaming about riding a bicycle.

Riding a bicycle shifted to hanging out with Pee Wee Herman. Pee Wee the character, not the actor that portrays him. Pee Wee and I were then holding up a bank, Heat style. Full heist. He is in his gray suit with boomerang bow tie and a plastic mask of Pee wee Herman. At one point he lifts up the mask, revealing to the bank tellers he actually is Pee Wee and he does his little laugh.

I woke up mid-shoot out with the police, we were escaping on our bicycles.