Appy Polly Logies

Sorry about the lack of Friday Night Video last night; caught up in personal issues.*

* Getting everything organized and ready to go to my 5 year old’s birthday party at the local water park**.

** Which had to be canceled at that location this morning due to expected thunderstorms at the exact time of the party, causing much scrambling about this morning trying to find a new venue.  Which we did, but it will cost us more money.

Damn AA Sponsors

A Georgia mother was arrested for throwing a wild, naked Twister party for her teen daughter and her friends after her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor ratted her out

This story really has everything:

  • provided weed and alcohol to the partying teens
  • joined them in a game of naked Twister
  • former Mormon Sunday school teacher
  • found an 18-year-old … the two snuck off to a bathroom to have sex
  • still “horny,” so she brought her sex toys into the living room and used them in front of the group
  • The party continued in Lehnardt’s hot tub
  • passed out in her bed … woke up around 3:30 a.m. to find her daughter’s well-endowed 16-year-old boyfriend having sex with her
  • Her daughter ‘felt guilty’ because the 16-year-old was 10-inches long and huge, and if she had been able to take it he wouldn’t have needed to rape her mother
  • made her realize that her drinking, which she started doing when she separated from her husband in November, was a problem
  • lost custody of her children, ages 4, 6, 8, 10 and 16
  • grew up in the Mormon Church
  • never touched a drop of alcohol before her husband of 15 years came back from a deployment to Iraq with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and anger issues in 2010

According to her attorney, some of the accusations “were exaggerated.”

Friday Night Video CXI

Week was going along normally, then last night my Father-in-Law had a mild stroke.  He’ll be in the hospital for the next few days. He is expected to recover, however he has been instructed to lose weight and stop smoking for reals this time.

I had to go see him in the emergency room, though, so now I’m just waiting for the ebola to kick in.