Republicans Sprayed

Did they* really use Mace? I ask because I sold tasers, stun guns, stun batons, and OC (Organic Compound) for several years and understand that chemical mace is no longer used. Mostly due to the fact that people light on fire if you add electricity into the mix.

Imagine a fight breaks out, one officer sprays a pimp, and in the confusion another pulls out a taser and squeezes the trigger only to wind up igniting the poor guy’s matching suit. Plus more people had allergy issues with it than with OC. Go figure.

Mace brand chemical spray is a type of tear gas. Mace does sell OC now, they are still in business but it’s a brand name; Mace brand mace however is not OC. This is akin to using “Google” as a verb even when we may be using another search engine. I know it’s a small detail but journalism is just such total shit these days that every mistake bothers me anymore. Especially the details.

Taser is also a brand, but a taser is still a taser. This is more like starting a dildo company and naming your company Dildo. I may be wrong somewhere. Feel free to think it over while you are on the toilet.

* The article itself is unimportant to me.