Celebrity Deathwatch 2015 #0207-0211

Gene Amdahl, 92, computer scientist, chief architect of IBM’s mainframe computers, possibly coined the term “FUD“.

Fucks given: 3.5

Rex Reason, 86, actor; star of This Island Earth, which was the movie they watched in Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie.

Fucks given: 2


Sandy Berger, 70, unelected government scumbag who worked for President Clinton and smuggled classified documents out of the National Archives in his pants to cover up any potential Clinton administration culpability for 9/11.

Fucks given: fuck that guy.

George T. Sakato, 94, Congressional Medal of Honor winner; fought with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team (the one made up mostly of Japanese-Americans) in WWII.

Fucks Given: 17, one per Nazi he killed on 29 October 1944:

After his platoon had virtually destroyed two enemy defense lines, during which he personally killed five enemy soldiers and captured four, his unit was pinned down by heavy enemy fire. Disregarding the enemy fire, Private Sakato made a one-man rush that encouraged his platoon to charge and destroy the enemy strongpoint. While his platoon was reorganizing, he proved to be the inspiration of his squad in halting a counter-attack on the left flank during which his squad leader was killed. Taking charge of the squad, he continued his relentless tactics, using an enemy rifle and P-38 pistol to stop an organized enemy attack. During this entire action, he killed 12 and wounded two, personally captured four and assisted his platoon in taking 34 prisoners. By continuously ignoring enemy fire, and by his gallant courage and fighting spirit, he turned impending defeat into victory and helped his platoon complete its mission. Private Sakato’s extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit on him, his unit, and the United States Army.

Percy Foster, 35, dwarf porn star who looked like Gordon Ramsay; apparently he was eaten by badgers.

Fucks given: 5; he was truly the Laurence Olivier of celebrity-chef-lookalike dwarf porn stars.

Celebrity Deathwatch 2015 #0149-0158

Ben Kuroki, 98, only Japanese-American to fly bomber missions over Japan in WWII.

Fucks given: 1

Judy Carne, 76, British actress, was on Laugh-In and had some minor one-time roles on some other 60’s shows (Bonanza, Big Valley, Man From U.N.C.L.E., etc.)

Fucks given: 0; while I’ve seen clips of Laugh-In, it was before my time.

Chandra Bahadur Dangi, 75, shortest person evar.

Fucks given: 0

Jean Darling, 93, and Dickie Moore, 89, members of Our Gang / The Little Rascals in the late 20s/early 30s.

Fucks given: 0.

Frederick “Dennis” Greene, 66, the black guy from Sha Na Na.

Fucks given: 1; I remember Sha Na Na from their television variety show in the late 70s and had no idea they were an actual band (who played at Woodstock a few months after being formed) until later.

Alan Steel, 79, star of Hercules Against the Moon Men.

Fucks given: none currently, but I may update this after I watch the MST3K version of HAtMM.

UPDATE:  Will be watching this tonight:

Avery Dennis, Sr., 86, former trustee of the Shinnecock Indian Nation.

Fucks given: 0, I just wanted to say Shinnecock.

Martin Milner, 83, star of Adam-12 and Route 66.

Fucks given: 3, I used to watch Adam-12 all the time.

Candida Royalle, 64, porn actress from the late 70s who went on to produce and direct feminist* porn and sell ergonomic vibrators.

Fucks given: 0, haven’t seen any of her movies.

* Which is about as awesome as one would expect:

Royalle’s films are not “goal oriented” towards a final “cum shot”; instead, her films depict sexual activity within the broader context of women’s emotional and social lives.