Model Culture

When playing photographer, I usually use friends as muse but occasionally work with models. I am comfortable with strangers, in a one-on-one environment, and can keep them at ease by simply acting like we already know each other.

A repeat model has started opening up a lot, she is a well-balanced girl, I respect her. She told me, at the end of our last shoot, that most photographers ask her out on dates. This was within context of the conversation and not an esoteric pet-peeve shout-out. She is beautiful, tall, curvy, and athletic; so this is no surprise. However, I view asking a model on a date as breaking the trust. There is an expected atmosphere which is spoiled when the photographer then pursues an intimate relationship. I wouldn’t blame any model for no longer being comfortable modeling for someone in the wake of that interaction.

Having said all that, the last model I worked with asked me out. It feels odd, and the double-standard exists, but I still felt I should say no when instead I agreed.

Light & Dark

Setting up lighting at home for a makeshift photo studio has given me mixed results. Having different young female models visiting my apartment a few times a week has resulted in mixed expressions from my loudly Christian neighbors. I offer no answers to their facial queries.

I’m open to trying new things.