Friday Night Video CXXV

I got nothing.

Looks like my work is sending me to Nashville the week after next for some stupid reason.

Oh yeah, did I mention I got a vasectomy a few months ago?  So last Friday I jacked off into a cup, sealed it up, took it to a lab, and gave it to a nurse who gave it to some lab person who ran some tests and faxed the results to a nurse at my doctor’s office who called me to let me know that my semen is now sperm-free.

Friday Night Video C

A little bit late because freedom, but this is patriotic as fuck so I don’t want to hear any complaints.

On a related note, several weeks ago I had an idea for a video to post, and I said to myself “That should be Friday Night Video #100”.  Unfortunately I have not been able to remember what song that was, so you get this instead.

On a completely unrelated note, here is the dream I had last night: I received word that an old girlfriend from high school was ill, so I set out to find her.  Someone told me that she was recuperating at the bookstore at the mall that is also a brothel.  I went over to the mall, which suddenly had a large number of bookstores, but was unable to find it.  Wandering around a bit, I ran into a co-worker and asked him where this particular bookstore was.  He pointed me in the right direction, and I found a bookstore that I swear I had checked before, but somehow didn’t notice all the naked women lounging about the store.  It struck me as odd – I thought they would have been more subtle about the brothel aspect of the store.  Anyways, I first talked to some whore with an eyepatch who said she could lead me to my friend, but after leading me into the back room I found that she was only interested in having sex for money.  I left and went back to the public area of the store, where I ran into my close friend Kim Kardashian, who of course works at the big whorehouse bookstore at the mall.  She led me back through a number of locker rooms and private party rooms until at last we reached the bedroom where my old girlfriend was recuperating.  Fortunately, she was feeling better.

Review: C-187 – Collision [2007, thrash metal]

Track 11 “Knee Deep In” made me laugh, but that was because I was cleaning the toilet while it was vibrating the paintings on the wall. C-187 is a reminder I don’t like progressive metal, rock, thrash metal, death metal, and whatever this is. I wouldn’t force someone to turn it off on a long drive, unless they tried to play the entire album. Shit review for a shit genre. Die.


This is one of those videos that isn’t a video. It’s just a static image and some audio. there should be a way to filter these on You Tube.