Cute Couple

Convicted murderers become first gay couple to marry in prison (in the UK).

Gallatinov is a convicted paedophile who was sentenced in 1997 for murdering a man he had met through a gay chat line. At his trial, Judge Rhys Davies QC said it had been a “cold-blooded, well-planned, callous, chilling and apparently motiveless killing”.

Goodwin was jailed 10 years later for a homophobic killing on Blackpool seafront that was described by police as “a savage, senseless homophobic attack that resulted in the death of a harmless man”.

Love is beautiful.

Love. Exciting and New

They met online in 2013, and though they lived thousands of miles apart, their love blossomed.

Finally, he moved from Alabama to live with her in Turner, Ore.

She laid out a romantic candlelit dinner for their first face-to-face date, and told him to close his eyes.

Then she hit him in the back of the head with a metal baseball bat. Repeatedly.

LaTchak Full Discography Review

LaTchak featuring Sunzoo manley – If This Is Love…

There was a time I followed everything the members of Front 242 were doing, as much as I could, pre-internet. Richard 23 (Jonckheere) was not just a casual member of 242 but also in Holy Gang and an original member of Revolting Cocks. The other guy was also in Holy Gang. None of that explains how weird this song is to me, I can’t disassociate it with the music video and therefore with being late to work. I’ve made myself late while waiting for coffee before, both making it at home and buying it en route, and this song almost always comes into my head as I watch the minutes close in on my arrival time.

That said, my work is really flexible with my arrival time, but I make an effort to be reliable.

This is electro house, not the techno-industrial or post-industrial rock of the projects I’d associate with R23. The first single is five tracks (the original being the best by default because it is the shortest) of the song “If This Is Love…” released in 1999.

New Order did it, Depeche Mode did it, since my teens I’ve considered the midlife crisis of new-wave 80’s synthpop to be when the band brings in the vocal styling of southern black backup singers; à la 1940’s uh-huh vibrational reassurances. Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah…

Well fuck, LaTchak starts out with it, now what are they going to do for their midlife crisis? Or is this it? Is that what this is all about? Is drum-n-bass-techno-house-electro-trance the midlife crisis of Industrial?

Car Wash 2.0 is the second single from the following year in 2000; four tracks of the title track with track four givings us over eight minutes in a more experimental piece called 2 in 8.15 at 15. Unlike the prior release, the female vocals take lead here. The same applies here, the shorter version is best. However, the last track is a faster version in a more dub rave sound of the late 1990’s. Chantal Kashala sings “working at the car wash”, that’s not an extended title, it’s an actual line from the song – and the only line I remember. Like most electro there are few words but they are repeated ad nauseum.

These two CD singles were stupidly difficult to get on year 2000’s internet. Imagine my disappointment when I expected something more like a rough edit of something rejected from 242’s final album pressing, and got the music here.

Lastly, there is a six track release of the original single, it was released in 2000 and is just more, more… I really don’t know the difference between all the supposed sub genres.

I just remembered, I met R23 in 1993 at a Front 242 concert. I have his autograph on a promo cassette tape somewhere.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The New York customer service company United Health Programs of America provoked a federal lawsuit in June by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over its employee esprit-de-corps policy of requiring workers to pray to God on the job and to say “I love you” to their managers. According to the EEOC, the feel-good, work-harder campaign was suggested by an aunt of United’s owner and named for an obscure “truth and compassion” movement called “Onionhead.” [Reuters, 6-11-2014]