Joseph Smith Sphinx

The Gilgal Garden gallery is one of Salt Lake Cities best kept secrets.

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LDS Member Records, You May Never Leave

In 1994 I wrote some immature letters to the Mormon church.

That didn’t work so in 1995 I wrote a letter asking to e removed. Later that same year I met with a bishop in my area to confirm that I would be left the fuck alone.

In 1997 I wrote another letter and included the information from a law suit that resulted in a requirement of a “do not contact” flag next to former member’s names.

In 1998 I was told that missionaries mostly visit with former members when they are asked to by family members. I completely black listed my family from knowing where I live. Something I mostly maintain to this day.

At this point I’ve been avoiding them for over half my life. I don’t put much effort into it anymore, just a sign on my door, “No Soliciting, Including Religion”. I’m not overly rude, but I no longer entertain niceties for even a moment.

Currently the letters are to my Post Office box, asking me to confirm my whereabouts.