Laibach at the Roxy 01 JUN 2015

Ministry + Laibach

Ministry announced a grande final tour for the band. I’m not interested in the last decade of metal they’ve produced. I did notice they are playing with Laibach, but only in Philadelphia. So I looked up Laibach 2015 tour dates in the United States…and does anyone want to meet me in Los Angeles on June first?


It’s rhetorical, I’ll be there anyhow.


Friday Night Video CXII

So about a month and a half ago I sprained my left ankle.  It still hurts.  Last night I did something to my right ankle and now it hurts too.  Probably not a sprain, since it does not hurt as much as the left did, but now both my ankles hurt and I can barely walk and it sucks.  Also, I’ve been fighting a mild sinus infection and/or ebola all week.