Friday Night Video CII

So at work I’ve been on this project for like 3 months.  It involves buying something like 20 million dollars worth of servers/network gear/etc.  While the server aspect of the project was being sorted out we figured out what sort of network equipment would be needed.  The guy (sales guy? project manager? not sure) who’s running this project decided that the network equipment we picked cost too much money and brought in some other guy to redesign the whole thing and bring down the cost.  Today we had a big meeting with that guy in which we pointed out that his proposed equipment changes were completely fucking stupid and would not meet the project requirements now much less allowing for any sort of growth.  All this accomplished within about the first five minutes of what turned out to be a two hour call.

Video unrelated.

Friday Night Video LXIV

At DefCon21 on Thursday night I received multiple compliments on my Chemlab FUCK ART LET’S KILL shirt.

At DefCon21 on Saturday night I drank some homebrewed “beer” that unknown to me may have contained something hallucinogenic, although I didn’t notice until much later.

In between I learned how to build a small device for launching wireless MiTM attacks, learned that corporate WiFi security is complete bollocks, and learned how to break the Internet (although, coincidentally, after I returned I learned of a similar but much better way to break the Internet).