Dress up this rotten carcass just to make it look alive

My IT department has done a forced merger of Network Engineering and Telecom. Anyone with details on what is going on isn’t talking, and we’ve all been shuffled with rearranged cubicle walls to sit together. I am fairly ambivalent overall, except on the lack of transparency. I suspect we will have less managers in the near future and some required cross training. The latter will likely come up with some layoffs after said cross-training.

I’ve been submitting resumes out for two weeks and in doing so, I’ve realized I don’t really want to do this anymore. This information has changed my efforts to asking for a higher expected salary. I didn’t think this would go anywhere but I’ve had a few interviews.

I work with a Cisco autist*. What I mean is he identifies as a Cisco man and nothing gives him greater delight than preaching Cisco’s glory. It’s like a religion, a social club, and the culture where he has found acceptance. It’s a disturbing fan-boy fanaticism that is really annoying on an overly happy engineer in his sixties.

Several years ago he was removed from the NetEng Cisco team to work on the Avaya phone stuff for our call centers in various countries. He is beside himself to be back with the identity of being on the group that works on Cisco…only this is the group that wanted to fire him and he the company with mercy put him on phones. The guy is incredibly nice so I say this with some guilt, but I look forward to never seeing him again.

* I suspect he really is.

Friday Night Video CXXV

I got nothing.

Looks like my work is sending me to Nashville the week after next for some stupid reason.

Oh yeah, did I mention I got a vasectomy a few months ago?  So last Friday I jacked off into a cup, sealed it up, took it to a lab, and gave it to a nurse who gave it to some lab person who ran some tests and faxed the results to a nurse at my doctor’s office who called me to let me know that my semen is now sperm-free.

Friday Night Video LV

I scheduled tonight’s video several days in advance, as currently I am in Portland.  When this post goes live I will be quite intoxicated.

One time several years ago I was in Portland at an establishment with a lovely salad bar.  Some girl with tattoos, piercings, and dreadlocks stepped onto a stage and placed a CD into a small stereo system, then began removing her clothes while this song.  My reaction was, “oh crap, she saw us.”

Other random awesome moments in Portland establishments which happen to have stages upon which naked women dance for small bills:

  • The time some girl jumped off the stage, ran over to me (sitting at a table at the time) and jumped on my lap and started grinding away.  Then ran back to the stage and jumped back on, kicking over someone’s drink as she did so, leading to much embarrassment all around.
  • The time I thought to myself, “WTF is on that girl’s leg?”, then grabbed a seat next to the stage to get a better view.  As far as I could tell the girl
    • Was really into The Little Mermaid, and
    • Had a boyfriend who wanted to be a tattoo artist despite lacking any talent whatsoever, but she was in love or something so let him practice on her.

Anyways.  Currently I am probably either at or on my way to some weird underground establishment, where some guy who homebrews large batches of beer throws open his basement and lets everyone have samples for a small “donation” (since he can’t actually sell the beer) while his wife sells brownies laced with teh marijuana.  Also, I’ve been drinking since approximately noon,  because fuck yeah Portland.

Tomorrow we go to a local dog park to see the Portland Blazers dancers, because it’s within stumbling distance of where I’m staying.


OK, so I just got done reading this: The B**** manager from hell.

Half of my annoyance is with the evil manager, the other half with the guy writing the story who, despite all warnings, continues to give a shit.  At the end he appears to have documented things properly, however at several points in the story I’m almost punching the monitor screaming DUDE WHAT ARE YOU DOING SEND A FUCKING EMAIL TO EVERYONE DOCUMENTING THIS SHIT FUCK.

BTW, in case anyone is not aware of this fact, corporate IT sucks.  Primarily because, at the end of the day, no matter what you do, you are on the “expense” side of the ledger.  You are a utility; a necessary expense which only gets attention when shit does not work.

As a nice palate cleanser, here is an entirely different reddit thread which is not safe for work and makes me feel funny in my pants.