Weird Kids

We have a couple of weird kids in the neighborhood.

They are brother and sister.   Boy is maybe 7, girl is maybe 5.  I believe they may be homeschooled, as they are often running around the neighborhood during what would normally be considered “school hours”, and they seem to lack some social skills.  I have no idea where they actually live or who their parents are.

I first noticed them on Halloween.  My family and I dressed up in our Star Wars costumes and were taking some family pictures on the front lawn in the late afternoon while it was still light.  These children came up to us – without costumes, but carrying paper shopping bags, and, as mentioned, before nightfall – and demanded candy of us via the traditional ‘trick or treat’ method.  They then proceeded to hang around and talk to us, play with our lightsabers, and be generally oblivious to our cues that it was time for them to go away so that we could finish our photos and proceed with our own trick-or-treating.

A few weeks later, in late November or perhaps early December, they knocked on my door while I was working from home.  I answered the door, expecting that perhaps I had dropped something while walking around the neighborhood and they had found and were returning the item.  Instead, they wanted me to put on my Jedi outfit, bring out the toy lightsabers, and play with them.  I dismissed them at once, telling them that I was busy and they should go away.

Yesterday afternoon, while working at home, someone knocked on the door.  I ignored it.  The person knocked again.  And again.  And again.  My thought was, “it’s those fucking kids again,” however I was unable to confirm as I cannot see the front porch from my upstairs office.  The knocking – pounding, really – continued for about 10 minutes.  Finally it ended, and I heard the perpetrators leaving the front porch, so I looked out the office window and, sure enough, it was the annoying kids.

Finally, a few minutes ago, I was pushing my youngest spawn around the neighborhood in his stroller.  I encountered the weird kids walking down the sidewalk.  They didn’t comprehend that they needed to get the fuck out of my way.  The boy just stopped walking and stood there in front of the stroller, said hi, said “hi baby” to my child, and continued to just stand there blocking the way until I turned the stroller and went around him.