Portland Record Label Listed as Hate Group

Death in June refers to the Night of the Long Knives in 1934, when Adolf Hitler ordered the murder of his political rivals within the Nazi Party. The band employs a wide range of fascist and Nazi imagery, such as wearing Waffen-SS uniforms onstage.

On Death in June’s official website, Soleilmoon is listed as the band’s official distributor. Death in June accounted for more than half the label’s digital sales, and moved “a couple thousand” units last year.

The SPLC says Death in June is the main reason for Soleilmoon’s hate-group listing.

Apparently SPLC doesn’t like Boyd Rice / NON either.

As an aside: fuck the SPLC.


OK, so I just got done reading this: The B**** manager from hell.

Half of my annoyance is with the evil manager, the other half with the guy writing the story who, despite all warnings, continues to give a shit.  At the end he appears to have documented things properly, however at several points in the story I’m almost punching the monitor screaming DUDE WHAT ARE YOU DOING SEND A FUCKING EMAIL TO EVERYONE DOCUMENTING THIS SHIT FUCK.

BTW, in case anyone is not aware of this fact, corporate IT sucks.  Primarily because, at the end of the day, no matter what you do, you are on the “expense” side of the ledger.  You are a utility; a necessary expense which only gets attention when shit does not work.

As a nice palate cleanser, here is an entirely different reddit thread which is not safe for work and makes me feel funny in my pants.