Peen vs Ass

I once watched a teaser for an upcoming movie which centered on introducing the filmmaker. It took place in what looked like a bedroom for a hardcore teenage fan of the Aliens movie series. He was being glorified for how well he knew the series, the stories, the tie-ins, the sexual arousal zones of the alien, the back-story, Giger’s fetishes, James Cameron’s poop schedule, and all around alienophite.

Then I watch his movie. Aliens vs Predator, and I can’t help but think it was really akin to the TV movie of the entire fucking franchise. How does this crap get through the previewing audience and then made into a movie? Wouldn’t, at least, his friends say, whoa, ya’ll got a prettuh’ dumb idear theyre mate? How do you rub a director’s nose in his inappropriate shitpile?






Maybe woo his wife away from him.