Celebrity Deathwatch 2016 #0068-0074

Gareth Thomas, 71, Roj Blake on Blake’s 7 and UK that guy actor.

Fucks given: .25

Doris Roberts, 90, actress, was on some shows.

Fucks given: [repeating a joke I already made on someone’s post about this on teh facebooks]: OMG RIP Betty White.

Chyna, 46, pro wrestler, 9th wonder of the world, and also did a porno and, turns out, her clit was bigger than my cock.

Fucks given: 3

Walter Kohn, 93, physicist and Nobel Prize winner.

Fucks given: 1

Richard Lyons, 57, founder of Negativland

Fucks given: 13 this totally sucks balls

Guy Hamilton, 93, director of Goldfinger

Fucks given: 4

Prince, 57, musician, artist formerly known as a symbol but then went back to being Prince.

Fucks given: 12.