“In Manchester there is a whole part of the city for gay people,” she said. “There is even a place there saying Gay Village.

“In the evenings gays and lesbians are having fun not only inside but also outside and they do not hide their feelings.”

Alisa Titko also claimed it was no surprise Manchester’s men “become gay”, because the city’s women “are fat, not sexy” and “simply disgusting to men”.

She wrote: “The fat hangs from the stomach, sides, and doesn’t fit in their jeans. In clubs, they still pull on tight leggings and mini dresses.”

Cute Couple

Convicted murderers become first gay couple to marry in prison (in the UK).

Gallatinov is a convicted paedophile who was sentenced in 1997 for murdering a man he had met through a gay chat line. At his trial, Judge Rhys Davies QC said it had been a “cold-blooded, well-planned, callous, chilling and apparently motiveless killing”.

Goodwin was jailed 10 years later for a homophobic killing on Blackpool seafront that was described by police as “a savage, senseless homophobic attack that resulted in the death of a harmless man”.

Love is beautiful.

4Chan for Australians

A junior Defence staffer allegedly took home an intelligence report and posted it online

“Plus to my dismay I just got a bunch of ‘fake and gay’ remarks and the secret documents went 404 [website not found] about 4 comments 1 hour later,” he allegedly posted.
“So… any other suggestions on how to minimize getting caught by authorities?”

Laughing Man