I missed DefCon this year.

This made me fucking literally lol:

On Saturday night, a group of three furries—two wolves and a panda—walked through the hotel portion of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, until they were stopped by security for foiling security cameras with their fursuits.

Their presence at this year’s conference warranted a special conference badge from Noid, one of the early organizers of Def Con, MetaVulp told me. The pass told Def Con security that it was cool for them to roam in their fursuits. The furries’ conference badges also included a QR code linking to Noid’s tweet thread daring them to do a fursuit parade during the conference, but apparently that didn’t fly by Caesars security standards.

Nazi Furries of the Furred Reich

… the #AltFurry movement is about “bringing a new line of hope within the degenerate filth that is the furry fandom”. They want to “cleanse” furries to be less “heretical” and “degenerate” and thus “bring furs into a new light”.

“The only degeneracy that will be acceptable is getting gay married someday… But that isn’t the only thing we are fighting for, we are fighting against systemic speciesist oppression.”

kill it with fire

The Furred Reich: The truth about Nazi furries

Kill it With Fire

Fursuits aren’t really made for sex.

Which reminded me of this:

In some ways it’s easier to accept and sign off on bizarre-yet-harmless behaviors and obsessions if there’s a sexual component. None of us can really help, control, or direct our sexual interests or fetishes; we can, however, control how we choose to act on them. Someone who gets rock hard or dripping wet when dressed up like a fox or a raccoon or Ann Coulter makes a rough sort of sense. But someone who fantasizes about being an animal or hangs out with people who do without the excuse/cover of sexual fetish or compulsion? I’m sorry, but that’s just sick.


Open House is a safe space for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Flexual, Asexual, Genderfuck, Polyamourous, Bondage/Disciple, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism (LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM) communities and for people of sexually or gender dissident communities.

For the record, I find this disgusting and extremely discriminatory to the furry/otherkin/brony communities.