Friday Night Video CLXIV

I’m happy with my job, I guess.  Not unhappy, at least.

A couple weeks ago the former VP of Sales at a former employer got in touch with me, saying one of his customers needed a guy with my particular set of skills.  I spoke to their recruiter today.

Interesting advantages of this company: they’re generally speaking in the “health” industry, so there’s an on-site gym and on-site personal trainer and yoga instructor a couple times a week, plus free fruit and healthy snacks in the lunchroom.

Disadvantages: They’re not really into telecommuting, so I’d have to start putting on pants and going into the office five days a week again.

My plan is to ask for entirely too much money and see what happens.  My fear is that they’re going to offer something in between my current salary and what I ask for, so I need to figure out the exact yes/no cash money line.

Friday Night Video LXXVII

Close enough.

I made a decision today.  I have reached the tipping point with my job.  The commute is too long, parts of it are too stressful, and my boss’s managerial style is too annoying.  I shall therefore seek and obtain new employment in the not-too-distant future.

I am considering, in an ironic twist, using the $500 gift card received from work as a holiday present to purchase a decent suit for use in interviews.  The only thing holding me back from this is that I wish to lose 20 pounds of fat and gain a few pounds of muscle, and do not wish to get the suit re-fitted after purchase.  Instead I may simply get one of my existing blazers tailored so that it actually fits properly.