Klaus Nomi’s Lime Tart Recipe

It takes lime peel and cut it into thin strips. It place the lime peel on top of the pie. This has two purposes; a beautiful presentation but also the flavor. The zest really adds a punch to the taste and is meant to be eaten. Then it places the tart into the refrigerator for at least several hours, but overnight is recommended in order to firm the tart, make easier the cut and better consistency.

Remember when Japan had Samurai and Ninjas and then we fought a war with them and they had Kamikazes and we had to drop not one but two nukes on them to get them to surrender?

Instant Japanese curry bundled with a DVD of a sexy model who will pretend to be your girlfriend while you eat it.

VR headset bundled with four cupcakes and a video of an actress virtually feeding you the cupcakes.

In Which My Day is Marred by Crushing Disappointment.

Just got a to-go order from the local high-quality Mexican fast food place.  Got my usual, the “Quesadilla Morenita”, a blackened chicken quesadilla with slices of onion and avocado, plus rice and beans and sour cream.  Normally very good.  Today the chicken was terribly overcooked and they used too much sauce so the tortilla was soggy*.

*Side note: I believe there is a Mexican boarding school hazing ritual called “Soggy Tortilla”.

Friday Night Video CXIV

So there’s this restaurant near us that we went to once when it first opened several years ago and it sucked so we never went back but we keep hearing people talk about how great it is so tonight we finally went back and it still sucks.  The moral of this story is that people suck and have lousy taste and do not listen to them.

Video related: people should be replaced with robots.