No Friday Night Video?

No, because I went to Mickey’s Halloween Party last night and did not get home until after 1:00 a.m.

Adults were allowed to dress up.  I’ve never seen so many fat princesses.  Star Wars characters are also extremely popular.

We watched the parade.  The Tinkerbell float was broken – it was completely unlit, and halfway through the parade all the floats stopped for about 5 minutes, I’m assuming because the Tinkerbell float stopped moving.

Also, Disney knows how to do fireworks.

Overall, much better than the Brick-or-Treat Halloween Party we went to a couple weeks ago, which turned out to be kind of a bust, with 45-60 minute lines to get a special edition Lego and a couple pieces of candy.

Fat People are not always Short

Apparently there was a meeting where the big & tall store’s supplier decided to make t-shirts featuring big and tall celebrities. All big guys most love Chris Farley, right? Belushi, Goodman? Do they sell clothes at the women’s big and tall (actually called plus sizes to not hurt their feelings) of Roseanne Barr?

Don’t miss the tall Puffy Combs has his own product line for big and tall men. Those are your options. Oh and some button-down shirts where the sleeves are always meant for a short fat person. Because wide men must have the arms of midgets.