Celebrity Deathwatch 2015 #0120

Jules Bianchi, 25, Formula 1 driver for Marussia (which is now Manor), died of head injuries sustained last year at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Fucks given: 5.

I watched this race live (since it started at 11pm or midnight on Saturday night), but the crash wasn’t caught by any of the TV cameras.  Basically, it was raining and another driver skidded off the track and crashed, they put up a yellow flag and brought a crane out to move the other car, then Bianchi skidded off the track at the exact same spot and this happened:

After that he was in a coma and never regained consciousness.

Side note: Marussia last year was battling with Caterham for the position of second-worst team.  They were neck and neck until the Monaco Grand Prix, where Bianchi came in 9th* place and scored the first (and only) championship points for the team.

* actually he finished 8th, but had a 5-second penalty which dropped him to 9th.

What I did on my summer vacation

AKA interesting moments during my weekend trip to Portland which, coincidentally, turned out to be in the middle of Portland Beer Week.

Thursday night: at one point stopped at a New Belgium beer event at an indoor bike park, filled with kids riding BMX bikes on ramps and underage drinkers in the bar.

Key quotes:  “Are you guys here to party or ride bikes?” – Girl at the front counter; “I’m going to slit my wrists” – Representative from New Belgium.

Friday night: ended up at Dean’s Scene, Dean being some old hippie who decided to build a bar in his basement and give homebrewed beer to anyone who shows up.

Key quote: “What the fuck was in that root beer?” – One of my friends the next day.

Saturday: kind of a clusterfuck of a day, involving a horrible fruit beer festival, a stop at Union Jack’s*, and three people (one of them naked) commenting on my Pigface shirt.

Key quote: “Did you see that skeleton girl? I felt like giving her money just so she could buy a sandwich.” – Me.

Sunday: Nothing.  Just drinking, barbecuing, and watching F1 racing.

Key quote: “One of the Caterham guys should just crash into Vettel when he tries to lap him.”  – One of my other friends.

And now, not only back to work, but I’m on call until next Tuesday.  Fuck.

* no link because fuck you autoplay.