Apparently Florida is having some weather or something.

Thousands of Floridians – led by Vanilla Ice – ignore calls to evacuate to surf, party and mess around on the beach dressed as DINOSAURS


Also of note:

Another local man shouted, ‘D***s out for Harambe! D***s out for Harambe!’ during a local news broadcast.

Random Childhood Memories

In 6th grade, we had a periodic brief interlude (daily? weekly? I don’t recall) of some number of minutes (10? 15? 20? Again, I do not recall) where we would sit at our desks and read silently to ourselves.  Books were to be brought from home for this purpose.  Early in the year, I took a Dungeons & Dragons module to read (I believe it was D2: Shrine of the Kuo-Toa).  After the reading period was over, the teacher told me that if I brought it again it would be confiscated.  There was a kid I didn’t know who also saw me reading the module, and said, “Hey, you play Dungeons and Dragons?”  This was Vincent.  He was new to the school, having just moved to the area from Alaska.  He quickly became my best friend during my 6th grade year.  We hung out at each others’ houses, and I remember going on some hiking trips and things like that with his family.  I believe my mom got along with his mom as well, since I remember my mom being over at their house for some sort of party, which according to my shitty memory was somewhat unusual.  In 7th grade he became kind of a dick and we stopped hanging out.  I think he moved back to Alaska at the end of that year or possibly the next year – he was definitely gone by High School.

I had another friend named Jeremiah; he and his brother Tim (a year younger) were in our Dungeons and Dragons group.  Their mom was a hardcore Jehovah’s Witness and did not want them playing Dungeons and Dragons because it had magic.  She actually called my house and talked to me directly about it, telling me they weren’t allowed to play.  Then at some point she stopped by the house and talked to my mom about Jehovah’s Witness stuff (sorry, mom).  I was friends with Jeremiah through Jr. High, but then around 9th grade he started being a dick and we stopped hanging out.  Jeremiah sort of vanished into the background crowd after that, but I did still see Tim around throughout High School.  He was one of a handful of sort of new romantic proto-goths at the school.  (To be honest, I remember that whole “scene” at my school being Tim and some girl he used to platonically hang out with, but there may have been more).  We were both somehow acquainted with the “Drama” people (I think he was acting, and I did a brief stint in the lighting/sound dept.), so we would run into each other and hang out and smoke pot from time to time.

In 5th or 6th grade we had a PE class a couple times a week, taught by Mr. Niece.  One weekend someone painted the words “NIECE SUCKS DONKEY DICKS” in giant letters on the walls of the handball court.  They were immediately repainted, but then we couldn’t play handball on Monday because of the wet paint.

In 3rd or 4th grade there was a 6th grader nicknamed “Bigfoot” who was huge, pretty much the size of an adult.  He once bent the rim on one of the basketball hoops doing pull-ups.

The janitor at my elementary school was an old black guy.  The girls called him daddy.  It was rumored that if he found a stray dog on campus he would take it out back and kill it.

That’s all for now.