I missed DefCon this year.

This made me fucking literally lol:

On Saturday night, a group of three furries—two wolves and a panda—walked through the hotel portion of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, until they were stopped by security for foiling security cameras with their fursuits.

Their presence at this year’s conference warranted a special conference badge from Noid, one of the early organizers of Def Con, MetaVulp told me. The pass told Def Con security that it was cool for them to roam in their fursuits. The furries’ conference badges also included a QR code linking to Noid’s tweet thread daring them to do a fursuit parade during the conference, but apparently that didn’t fly by Caesars security standards.

I’m suddenly sad I missed DefCon this year

Apparently there was a DefCon talk re: this issue.

N.P. says she bought a We-Vibe in May and used it “several times” until she realized that it was sending data about her usage practices back to Standard Innovation’s servers, including when she used it, which vibration settings she used, and her email address.

Boner Bonus quote which clearly demonstrates the wonders of the modern world and makes me say “yeah, who the fuck needs flying cars?”:

The smartphone app lets users “customize” their We-Vibe experience, unlock app-only “bonus” vibration modes such as the “cha-cha-cha” and the “crest,” and “create unlimited custom playlists,”

Non-Celebrity Deathwatch 2016

David Jones aka Rance, associated with DefCon.  I believe I met him a couple of times.  Here he is winning a competition at DefCon 21:

The contest was to break into an “office” and do a bunch of stuff – first pick the lock(s) on the door to get in, open a filing cabinet and a briefcase, get into the computer, etc. – in the least amount of time.  Mostly there were teams of 3-4 guys competing; he won doing it all by himself.

Bed Jumping Mafia

So the real story is, this actually began as a social engineering hack.  Some genius – I believe it was Flea, but may have been DB Cooper – realized that if you had a bunch of cute girls with you, the Defcon nerds would let you into their rooms, where you would be free to consume their alcohol as they watched the girls jumping on the bed.

Friday Night Video XIII

I’m currently at DefCon.  This is from last year’s Defcon.  I’m in the audience of at least one of these performances (one of the inside ones, IIRC).

Posting this in advance, obviously, as DefCon is home to the world’s most hostile network, and I do not feel like having my lousysauce login splashed across the wall of sheep.