Not the worst way to go

Two killed during Dodge Challenger Hellcat test drive on airport runway

Lynd Fitzgerald, 71, of Colorado Springs, and Roger Lichtenberger, 76, of San Marcos, Calif., were pronounced dead at the scene …

… after speeding down the runway and continuing another 315 feet, the Challenger became airborne over a ravine.

The release went on to say that after striking the ground the vehicle “became airborne a second time flipping end over end over a second ravine before coming to rest on its wheels.”

Celebrity Deathwatch 2015 #0121-0124

Alex Rocco, 79, actor who was in a bunch of stuff.

Fucks given: 0; don’t really recognize him.

George Coe, 86, actor who was in a bunch of stuff.

Fucks given: 3, because he voiced Woodhouse on Archer.  I totally do not recognize him as an “original cast member of Saturday Night Live,” as is claimed here; I suspect the show may have always had a 90-minute format, however the syndicated reruns of the ’70s episodes I watched during the ’80s were cut to 60 minutes, so perhaps he was cut out.

Bernat Martínez, 35, and Dani Rivas, 27, motorcycle racers

Fucks given: 0.