Celebrity Deathwatch 2015 #0133-0140

Got some catching up to do…

Robert Conquest, 98, historian, author of The Great Terror.

Fucks given: 1.

Conquest sharply criticized Western intellectuals such as Beatrice and Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw, Jean-Paul Sartre, Walter Duranty, Sir Bernard Pares, Harold Laski, D. N. Pritt, Theodore Dreiser, Bertold Brecht and Romain Rolland for being dupes of Stalin and apologists for his regime, citing various comments they had made denying, excusing, or justifying various aspects of the purges.

After the opening up of the Soviet archives in 1991, detailed information was released that Conquest argued supported his conclusions. When Conquest’s publisher asked him to expand and revise The Great Terror, Conquest is famously said to have suggested the new version of the book be titled I Told You So, You Fucking Fools.

Coleen Grey, 92, actress, was in some stuff.

Fucks given: 0; don’t recognize her, although I am sure I have seen at least one of her performances, having watched quite a bit of Emergency!, Ironsides, Adam-12, and Bonanza as a child.

Johanna Quandt, 89, German secretary who became a billionaire by marrying her boss (Herbert Quandt, who ran BMW).

Fucks given: 0.

Les Munro, 96, last surviving member of Operation Chastise.

Fucks given: .5

Terrence Evans, 91, actor, was in some stuff.

Fucks given: 0.

Tony Lara, 50, star of Deadliest Catch.

Fucks given: 0; I hate these reality shows.

Susan Sheridan, 68, British voice actress, played Trillian in the original Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio series.

Fucks given: .25

Julian Bond, 75, politician and civil rights activist.

Fucks given: .25; honestly, I am only aware of him because of his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

OK, that’s all I can do for now, more later.