Art Is A Lie

Yesterday I saw some graffiti done in red crayon, it read, “ART IS A LIE”. This really increased the ambiance of the corporate convention center parking terrace. I work with a guy named Art so it now reads, “ART IS A LIAR”. I don’t need evidence of my crimes, so I didn’t take a photo, so here is something else.

Boy Scouts Is Where Boys Become Men

With the files coming out to the public, it’s clear the Boy Scouts have been covering up abuse. This is commonplace, in my opinion, not just with Scouts. I think this behavior is still the norm. Communities, or tribes as I simply call them, protect their own. Friend or stranger, a tribe tries to hide internal weakness from other tribes. Sexual abuse of the defenseless is certainly a weakness.

That’s all i got, they have hard evidence. End. Ok, I’ll post some pics. No one likes a post without pics.

Some of the patches below can be found here, the site’s merit badges for girls are actually funnier than the stuff below. At least to me. I don’t shave my armpits.