I could use one of these near me

Amsterdam’s Hangover Bar is decorated as a green oasis in the middle of the urban jungle, and offers a variety of ways to deal with hangovers. But in order to experience any of them, you first have to prove that your blood alcohol content is well above functional levels, by taking a breathalizer test.

Trigger Warning: Video is narrated by some dude speaking in some sort of moon-man language or something.

Local Cougar Bar Closing

Goodbye to the Foxfire.  Note, I’ve never actually been there.  Two things, though:

  1. I remember a guy in my chemistry lab class in college (sometime around 90-92, don’t remember exact year) saying this was a great place to go and hang out at the bar by yourself and wait for 35yo divorced women to start buying you drinks.
  2. The office manager (30ish, allegedly used to be hot, ass expanded and flattened to fill here entire wide-frame secretary chair) at my then-employer used to hang out there all the time.

Interesting that it never really lost that crowd, or at least that reputation.