The story The Sound of Music (1965) is based on was made into a (1956) comedy drama in Germany, with a (1958) sequel that took place in America. It was also used to make a cartoon drama in Japan that ran 40 episodes (1991). Wiki

With regret, I found the episodes are online.


Celebrity Deathwatch 2015 #0186-0193

Scott Marshall, 41, tattoo artist and winner on season 4 of some reality show called Ink Master.

Fucks given: 0.  Never seen the show.  I have watched LA Ink / Miami Ink / NY Ink, though; every time I watch I want to get more tattoos.

Willis Carto, 89, Holocaust denier and founder of the Institute for Historical Review. Also blamed 9/11 on the Jews.

Fucks given: -100, fucking Nazi.

Miyu Matsuki, 38, Japanese voice actress who did voices for a lot of anime.

Fucks given: I don’t think I’ve seen anything she’s been in, but now I feel like I need to find and watch Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist.

Ralph Richeson, 63, played the weird cook on Deadwood.

Fucks given: 2, good actor, he really sold me on the whole weird cook thing.

Al Molinaro, 96, played Al on Happy Days.

Fucks given: I just realized that I seem to have watched quite a lot of Happy Days when I was a kid and yet never actually enjoyed the show.  Also, I completely forgot that Ted McGinley was on Happy Days; it’s probable that I had stopped watching the show by then.

Fred Thompson, 73, actor on Law & Order and The Hunt for Red October and former Senator.

Fucks given: 5, I enjoyed his work.

Vlad Telea and Mihai Alexandru, guitarists for Romanian metal band Goodbye to Gravity, burned to death along with 25 other people after the band’s pyrotechnics set the club on fire at their record release party.

Fucks given: 0

Celebrity Death Watch 2015 #0018

Monty Oum, 33, created some anime series which I’ve never heard of called RWBY.  Died from “an extreme allergic reaction to a routine medical procedure.”

Fucks Given: .25; he also worked on Red vs. Blue, which was good (for a while, at least; I stopped watching it at some point, although I don’t recall the reason I stopped being that it started sucking).