The hard drive on my work laptop started having serious issues in late January. As a result, I have been unable to open outlook because some outlook file is corrupted. I put in an order for a new laptop immediately and have been limping along using webmail. I finally received the new laptop yesterday. Got my files moved over to it today. Discovered that IT didn’t install SecureCRT (which I actually need to do my job). Put in a request to get SecureCRT installed (which I can’t do myself because I don’t have admin rights). Received an email saying it will take 10 business days. Meanwhile I’ve got to limp along using Putty, which is a complete piece of shit.

Speaking of waiting, here’s a guy who put on 13 metal cockrings and couldn’t get them off and waited 4 days before calling the fire department (?) and getting them cut off with an angle grinder (!!).