Not Open For Business

One of my employers is a vegetarian and we enjoy some of the same cuisines. We were going to go to a movie together, as part of the holiday season, and most of the team couldn’t make it…and another engineer backed out at the last moment. With just the two of us left (the two with the least interest in mainstream films) we opted to go to an Indian or Indian fusion or something cafe instead.

I’d eaten there once before and had a sort of Indian curry burrito that tasted exactly like Indian curry in a tortilla. I looked up the address again, to verify if a rumor was true, and found it had been closed. So I looked up a Vegan cafe in the area, found one, also out of business.

Eventually I found a “tea house” that served vegan lunches and was “open to the public”. I called and confirmed the location, inside a bed and breakfast, and we drove over there. We parked in the snow of the unkempt parking lot, and walked to the back door. The back door was just beyond a large sign reading “ENTRANCE” and it was also locked. We walked around to the front, the snowy sidewalks untouched after the snowfall, and found the front door. We stood under an awning at this optional locked door. There was a note to call if the door was so.

“I called earlier about the tea house” … “the front and rear doors are locked, we are at the front door now.”

The same woman had answered, “Oh, we aren’t open on Thursdays anymore.”

Why didn’t she tell me this when I called her the first time?

We talked in the car as we drove by places that were closed for the holiday, and then I just drove to the city adjacent to ours and sat down at a family Thai restaurant. I started with feeling adventurous, but in the end I got what I really wanted, minus adventure.

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