I’m in London 

I believe I neglected to mention that I’m in the middle of a 2 week work trip to London.

Finished up the first week at a terrible data center near heathrow with shitty wifi and no nearby lunch options and stayed at a hotel that had very few nearby pubs.  It was near an underground station but was an hour ride into the main part of the city.

This week I’m staying at a much nicer hotel near the financial district and working at a data center that has functioning wifi and numerous food options.  Also we have worked out the install issues at the last site so I might have like 3-4 days of not working and just wandering around London at the end of this week.  So I’ve got that going for me.

London has kind of an uncanny valley feel to it.  A lot of things are almost like America but not.

Many of the pubs appear to be owned by breweries, so they have that brewery’s beers on the cask handles and then other stuff (mostly crap) on tap.

Speaking of cask ale, I confused some waitress at a pub by asking what was on cask, although to be fair, she was polish or something so not native English speaking.

Speaking of which, there’s lots of people here who are not native English speakers, so they have an accent from their homeland, but then they’re trying to speak English with a British accent and honestly I can’t understand a fucking word they’re saying.

Also the beer is very low alcohol (3-4% seems to be the norm) and I’ve deciphered that “American/Pacific/California style” means you can taste the hops.

And the kitchens close very early so it’s difficult to get food with your beer.

Also all the fish and chips I’ve seen just has one gigantic piece of fish.

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