Front Line Assembly: Live in SL,UT 1998-11-08

I have seen FLA live a grotesque amount of times. The first time was in 1992 with opening act Contagion (misspelled on the ticket). The concert was at DV8 in SLC and I was not old enough to get in. Luckily no one was checking ID’s to see if the teens were actually 16 or not, just the 21+ crowd whom got to go upstairs on the balcony. I’m not sure I even owned an identification card of any sort at the time.

FLA 1992

I also remember what a complete asshole a friend of a friend there was. This asshole would later introduce my sister to cocaine and would try to date the next three girlfriends I broke up with. this was the first show oneamyseven and I would attend together, and we still see a show together about once a year. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

At this particular show in 1998 oneamyseven and I (both on the guest list for different reasons) had a chance to speak briefly with Bill Leeb and for much longer with Chris Peterson. I was really into Will (with Rhys Fulber) and Decree in the mid to late nineties so I was glad to talk to Chris about those projects, Decree especially. He seemed surprised someone would want to chat about that, rather than what Bill was up to, but honestly, Bill had a lot of interviews in that time frame so I didn’t have many extra questions. Not that it mattered, I don’t even recall my brief Q&A with CP before the show. Probably for the best it was never written or recorded, it would probably embarrass me now.
FLA 1998

The power went out during this show. Though, I do think I had a longer version somewhere.

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