Kevorkian Death Cycle Live in Hollywood 1998-01-29…Maybe

From my notes on the YouTube upload:

(still poor audio, this will be a theme guys)

I may have the date wrong here (I mean, it is incredibly likely here), but I know it was the winter of 1997/1998. I wouldn’t have been old enough to drink yet.

This would be the first time I heard the song ‘Static’ and I remember really liking it. I have since overplayed it. Still a fan.

I talked with Ryan and Roger a short bit but had an extended conversation wit Siebold from Hate Dept. during sound check. I don’t remember much about the conversations except he had sort of rolled into a mini-lecture on what to not eat and some of the fucked up food industries. This is only significant because it was the same lecture I’d overhear him giving a female friend of mine at another show in another state the following year.

There is a point where the power shuts off and then comes back on. This is due to a really poorly placed record button on the Hitachi 8mm camcorder I was using. This will repeat itself at other shows I’m sure.

Kevorkian Death Cycle: Live in Hollywood 1998-01-29 @ Perversion

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