Kevorkian Death Cycle Live in SL,UT 1998-11-08

I created a Lousy Sauce YouTube channel specifically for a few of these videos. Maybe we’ll add more going forward.

From my notes on the YouTube upload:

This was recorded with permission. At this show Metropolis (Brian??) gave the approval as well. I was going to send them a copy and then I didn’t for some reason. I was always in trouble for something back then, who knows? As I recall this was the first and last time I recorded a show at Area 51. Special thanks to the club, label, and the band for saying yes. Even though the end result is barely worth watching.

Video camera was a few years old at the time, keep in mind circa 1995-96 home cameras in the mid-range were just getting color view-finders, even then they weren’t great. Considering how much of a poorfag I was back then, I’m thankful I had a camcorder at all. The 8mm tapes haven’t survived well, and the audio is the most obvious area for this. Unfortunately these were transferred to VHS in 2004 and a few years later to the computer. I believe the original tapes are long gone.

Kevorkian Death Cycle: Live in Salt Lake City 1998-11-08 @ Area 51

This show would have been the opening act for Front Line Assembly; a backdrop for FLA can be seen in this video.

FLA with KDC 19981108


Ryan at Area 51 1998-10-27

Prior to this show I’d seen them at Area 51, and would again the following year. I have a few photos from each show but can’t be bothered to search for them all now. The official website would wind up being lost and held by a cybersquatter and so I setup (which itself has transferred cybersquatter’s hands a few times. It was a bad time to do so as it would be a long long time before KDC would release new material. The WayBackMachine didn’t save images so you can’t see anything from the site.

KDC 1998-1999


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