Non-Celebrity Deathwatch

Apparently my cousins’ friend’s sister killed herself over the weekend.

I’ve known their friend for as long as I’ve been hanging out with those cousins, but I only recall meeting his sister twice.

The first time, I was about 15 or 16.  I went with my cousin over to the house of some girl* he was trying to hook up with, to hang out, drink, smoke teh marijuana, etc.  The sister was over there hanging out with this girl; she was my age or maybe a year younger.  My cousin kept trying to get the two of us to hook up, but for whatever reason we really did not hit it off, and both just kind of sat there vaguely annoyed.  The second time was several years later, and she had grown up a bit and become quite attractive.  I barely talked to her at all that time, I think she just stopped by a party or someone’s house or whatever it was for about 5 minutes and then left.

Anyways, she’s dead now.  I have no other details, other than it was self-inflicted.

* I have no idea why my (male) cousin was interested in this girl, who was rather obviously playing for the other team; I remember his brother saying to him, “dude, she looks like a 6th grade boy.”

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