Unattached Family

My grandfather’s estate has been in probate for over five years now. Even with an existing trust and will, California just doesn’t give a fuck and allows damn near anyone to appeal. After all, as long as the courts are getting paid, you can get them to do near anything. So it seems from my position anyhow.

I think some of this stress got to my dad. Add his age, some labor, and dealing with the suicide of one of his wife’s son’s* a few days earlier and now you’ve got a stroke. He was found around two am, passed out about half ay out the front door of one of the apartment complexes he and his wife own. He’d been cleaning it up for new renters. Apparently his vision went double and he knew there was a problem and didn’t have cell service so tried to make it outside to call. A neighbor saw him and called 911.

He had a good deal of bleeding in his head and a brain stem tear. Its been several days and he is still in the hospital. I’m having a difficult time feeling anything about it. He was a furious tyrant, not a father. I’ve not talked about any of this with friends, because I don’t want to be in a situation where I have to pretend feeling something.

* I guess this makes him my step-brother. So yeah, my step-brother killed himself this week.


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